Melissa has had the opportunity to be featured in several podcasts. She was so inspired by hearing other women’s stories, that she began a local TV show, called, “Empowering Entrepreneurs,” featuring local women in business and/or women who created community organizations.

Melissa lives in a very supportive community, and truly believes in empowering and inspiring other women, through her story and the story of others.

Melissa began this podcast, as a way to globally highlight women in business, organizations and women with inspiring stories.

If you have a business, that you would like to highlight, an organization that you started, or an empowering life story, please contact Melissa, to possibly be interviewed.

Let’s keep building each other up as women in business and women in the world!

Benefits of signing up for a podcast:

  • Increased exposure for your business/organization; increasing brand recognition

  • A chance to tell your own story and inspire other women

  • Promotion for your business/organization

  • Builds credibility, can add to resume and experience


Recent Podcasts!

Checkout my interview with the amazing Autumn Calabrese! Calabrese is a celebrity and Beachbody trainer, creator of 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme and best-selling author, of her cookbook, “Fixate.” Calabrese also has an e-book, called, “75 Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids,” and has a cooking show, coming soon as well. 

Calabrese has been featured in publications, such as, “Cosmopolitan,” “Shape,” “Vanity Fair,” among many others, and was on the cover of, “Oxygen,” magazine. 

In my podcast interview, Calabrese discusses her background in life, background in fitness/health, her journey to the extremely successful 21 Day Fix fitness and nutrition program, her books, challenges she has faced, and provides suggestions for women seeking inspiration, empowerment and business advice.

Calabrese is truly an inspiration for women, who have a dream, and work for it to become a reality. With over a million social media followers, Calabrese’s mission is making a difference!



Checkout my interview with the inspiring Diana Sumpter. Sumpter is an Independent, National Mary Kay Sales Director, an International Motivational Speaker, Author, Blogger and pure inspiration for women. Diana was trained, by Mary Kay Ash, and has grown an incredibly successful business. Diana was also an active duty member in the Air Force for 8 years, as a Communications Specialist, and draws from that experience, along with her, over 30 year marriage, her faith and her business experience, to teach people, about gaining success, while keeping their priorities. Please see links below!




Checkout my interview with the inspiring, Tiffany Ann Beverlin, Founder of Dreams Recycled. Dreams Recycled, is a resource for divorced women; whether it be selling tangible items from your wedding, or connecting with a community of other divorcees, Dreams Recycled is a unique company, providing a variety of resources. From her own experience, as a stay-at-home mom for 15 years, who then went through a divorce and started her life over, Beverlin is now a successful business owner, author and inspiration for millions of women! Beverlin is a contributor for The Huffington Post, Thrive Global and is the author of, My Dreams Recycled: My journey to turn lemons of divorce into lemonade for millions of divorcees. Please see link below!




Checkout my interview with the inspiring, Simonetta Lein. Lein is the Founder of, The Wishwall Foundation. Lein has an inspiring mission, with her foundation, and gives stellar advice, in this podcast, for women, who aspire to start their own foundation or business. Lein is from Italy, and her experience includes, modeling, acting and being an artist. Lein was a columnist for, Vanity Fair Italy, and is a contributing journalist for fashion and lifestyle in, The Huffington Post. She has also been featured in Forbes Magazine, Philadelphia Metro and Philadelphia Style Magazine. Lein also wrote, Everything Is Possible: A Novel About the Power of Dreams, and was successfully published. Please see link below!





To view my most recent spotlight feature, with Elaine Rau, Founder, LadyBossBlogger, checkout the link below. She’s also featured on my social media!